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National Junk Food Day…Really?

Since when do we need a specific day for this? This is America. Every day is junk food day! At least, for lots of folks it is—seriously.


I’m no nutrition prude—I love some things that are considered “junk food” (corn chips, good French fries, most anything chocolate). However, having a “day” for this—Monday, July 21—is completely silly. (Incidentally, it’s also National Ice Cream Day, in case you’d like to limit your junk food to frozen treats). Before you write to me telling me to stick a Popsicle in it, let me say that yes, I get it, it’s supposed to be silly. So if you need permission to indulge in Little Debbie snack cakes up to your eyeballs, or fast food for every meal, there you go—you have it. Dietitian and chef Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN, CNS has a nice HuffPost Healthy Blog about this day if you want some sane advice on how to handle all that dietary freedom on July 21. If you’d like to celebrate National Junk Food day by trying your hand at replicating some junk food favorites, check out these recipes from Serious Eats.